Last week, I had the great pleasure to experience management guru Tom Peters live on stage at one of his full-day seminars. Executives from all over Europe followed the invitation of ZfU International Business School Zurich which hosted the event to get leadership and management tips from the "master" himself. And they were anything but disappointed. Peters offered a true firework of ideas and inspiring quotes giving the audience lots of food for thought. I was really impressed by his passion and his unconventional and engaging presenting style which is hard to come by among business speakers.

In his talks and professional articles, Alexander Zimmermann, Managing Partner of SOLYP Informatik GmbH, has long been promoting the idea that strategic planning is a "leadership process." This encompasses not only the establishing of a systematic and clearly defined strategic decision-making, planning, and controlling process, but also and especially an appropriate leadership behavior of managers. The renowned Harvard professor and strategy expert Cynthia A. Montgomery is now backing up his ideas in her recently published book "The Strategist: Be the Leader Your Business Needs."