“2020 is not far from now. Businesses are taking decisions today that will affect their performance in 2020.” With these words, Tim Wolf opened the 16th Annual Conference of Strategic Management by Horváth & Partners in Stuttgart on May 11th, 2016. The conference showed impressive examples of how strategy work has changed companies in the way they think, align their business models, and succeed in the marketplace.

For the fifth time already, strategy professionals from different industries met at the SOLYP Strategy Circle in Frankfurt am Main last Thursday to network and share their knowledge, experience, and ideas in a small and familiar setting. As keynote speakers, Janina Kaiser of K+S Group and Mirko Rajs and Marcus Schueler of the consulting firm MHP offered valuable insights into the strategy work of their organizations sparking fruitful discussions among the participants.

Having access to strategic planning data anytime and anywhere – This is no longer a problem for SOLYP3 users thanks to the new SOLYP3 Dashboard App for Windows tablet devices! Visit the Microsoft Windows Store and download the SOLYP3 Dashboard App for free!

With more than 3.700 members, "Strategie und Taktik" is one of the most popular Xing groups on corporate strategy offering managers and scientists a platform to exchange and share ideas and insights. "Strategie und Takitk" was founded by the Austrian business consultant Klaus Schmerbeck who has so far been moderating the group by himself. Now, however, he got himself some competent support: Alexander Zimmermann, CEO & Partner of SOLYP Informatik GmbH and expert in digitizing strategic management processes, will now be serving as a co-moderator of the group.