General News

We are happy to welcome a new customer at SOLYP: From now on, Edscha Holding GmbH counts on the strategic intelligence software SOLYP3 to digitise its strategic planning. True to the company‘s motto ‚Edscha moves‘, the strategic process is to become much more agile.

“Now our customers can drive a Ferrari!"

Jan Borchers is the mastermind behind the new SOLYP3 tool, JOOX, which revolutionises data output in PowerPoint. The lover of fast motorbikes, a keen cook and confessed home cinema fan, explains in an interview what benefits the implementation of JOOX offers, what software strategy is behind it and how it came about in the first place: “Because I hit the roof.”

With more than 3.700 members, "Strategie und Taktik" is one of the most popular Xing groups on corporate strategy offering managers and scientists a platform to exchange and share ideas and insights. "Strategie und Takitk" was founded by the Austrian business consultant Klaus Schmerbeck who has so far been moderating the group by himself. Now, however, he got himself some competent support: Alexander Zimmermann, CEO & Partner of SOLYP Informatik GmbH and expert in digitizing strategic management processes, will now be serving as a co-moderator of the group.

Since 2009, SOLYP3 supports BASF in structured, linked, and consistent data management. Now, the strategic intelligence software developed by the Nuremberg strategy experts has taken the next step up the career ladder of the chemical company. SOLYP3 will replace the Microsoft programs Excel and PowerPoint as standard software for strategic planning processes.