Alexander Zimmermann, CEO & Partner

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Thursday, 29. January 2015 by
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Alexander Zimmermann studied Business Informatics in Nuremberg. He founded SOLYP Informatics GmbH in 1996 and is currently acting as the Managing Director. Zimmermann is the author and co-author of numerous press and professional articles on corporate strategic planning. He is a pioneer and expert in the field of software-based strategic management systems and editor of the book „Praxisorientierte Unternehmensplanung mit harten und weichen Daten - Das strategische Führungssystem“ (Practice-oriented Corporate Planning with Hard and Soft Data - The Strategic Management System).

Alexander Zimmermann has accompanied the strategic planning process of many market leading companies. The strategy software SOLYP3 developed by SOLYP enables businesses to carry out strategic planning that is standardized in its methodology, presentation, and approach - across all business units and national borders. Uniquely in the market, so-called "soft" data such as market analyses, trends, or competition scenarios can be incorporated into the strategicmanagement process and linked with "hard" financial data.
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