How to Get SOLYP3

  • 1. Give us a Call

You are not sure, whether SOLYP3 is the right solution for your company? We would be pleased to discuss that. Just submit your time options for a telephone appointment!

This is what expects you:

  • We introduce our strategic intelligence software SOLYP3 and its advantages to you in a nutshell.
  • You give us a short overview of your strategic process, so we can set up a frame how SOLYP3 can help you best.
  • We explain further steps to you and can also arrange an appointment for a live or a web presentation of  SOLYP3 right away. 

  • 2. Web or Live Presentation at your Premises

SOLYP3 might be the ideal tool to work with? Then let’s provide you with a detailed presentation of our strategic intelligence software - live at your premises or remotely via the web.

This is what expects you:

  • We explain to you and your colleagues how SOLYP3 works.
  • You will be introduced to all the advantages and possible fields of application of SOLYP3.
  • We show you how you can integrate our strategic intelligence software seamlessly into your strategic process.
  • You feel inspired? Then let’s enter a common design phase.

  • 3. Analysis of your Individual Strategic Process during a Design Phase

No reason to hurry: An efficient set-up of the strategic process is crucial for SOLYP3 working at its best. You would like to learn more about our unique design phase? We will be pleased to provide you with all the details.

This is what expects you:

  • A workshop with you will result in an analysis of your strategic process.
  • Our goal: to make the processes within your organization as efficient as possible with the help of SOLYP3. For this purpose, we will create an overall strategic concept with you.
  • In doing so we can relate on many years of experience of working for diverse globally active companies in strategic planning.

  • 4. Integrating SOLYP3 into your Organization

After having analyzed your strategic process and after having set up a logical overall concept, we cut right to the chase: We will integrate SOLYP3 into your organization. You have got questions about the integration process? We will be happy to answer them!

This is what expects you:

  • We adapt your special requirements and structures on the basis of the design phase.
  • All presentational documents will be adjusted to your CI.
  • You and your colleagues will receive intense training (Key User Training) so you can make use of SOLYP3 right away.
  • Also after the training, please don’t hesitate to ask your questions. Our user sevice & support team will be glad to help you further and to provide troubleshooting!

Got interested? Contact us!