Your Benefits

With SOLYP3 you secure your strategic knowledge and benefit from the advantages of a modular platform for your strategic management processes. SOLYP3 can be used across industry sectors, which has been demonstrated by the successful use by our customers who come from industries as diverse as chemical, automotive, retail, and health care.



  • 60% time savings due to fully automated output of PowerPoint presentations and intelligent data analysis – at the push of a button!

  • Platform concept prevents multiple data collection or overlaps of initiatives saving resources.

Planning Reliability

  • Plausibility check of key figures and qualitative management information due to linking of hard and soft data.

  • Long-term comparisons of historical data enable more accurate forecasts.

Planning Quality

  • Complete database and standardized processes across the entire organization ensure transparency and comparability.

  • 360-degree-view of strategic core issues.


  • Faster and sounder strategic decisions due to ad hoc analyses of strategic core data and visualization of strategic key questions using dashboards.