Ad Hoc Analysis

The Ad Hoc Analysis facilitates the analysis, display, and output of all strategic core data stored in SOLYP3. Data can quickly and easily be retrieved using various filter options.

The Ad Hoc Analysis consists of the “Raw Data Export” and the “Data Browser.”

Raw Data Export

The Raw Data Export allows you to create custom data downloads. By setting filters, you can specify the levels of detail. You may also choose to output data across several planning units. Comparing several strategic planning units is easy and does not require manual data aggregation. The integration of external data from other systems increases data quality even further as additional information can be analyzed.

Data and facts can be exported as an Excel spreadsheet or as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file enabling easy data processing.

Usability of the generated reports:

  • Easier data processing due to automated filtering options
  • Identical table outline of the reports ensures comparability
  • Auto hide of empty columns provides better readability
  • Visualizing of related columns through automatic grouping by color



Generated reports are saved in the download area for later access.  

To learn more, read the product data sheet Raw Data Export (PDF)

Data Browser

The Data Browser provides targeted access to individual strategic core data through detailed filtering options. Results are shown in the same window.

Parameters can be changed without having to re-enter all selection criteria. Effects will become instantly visible.


Additional advantages of the Data Browser include:

  • Transposition tables (axis inversion)
  • Single page navigation
  • Data output is possible as soon as the result set has been reduced to a single value or a maximum of two dimensions

To learn more, read the product data sheet Data Browser (pdf)


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