Dashboards summarize and visualize your hard and soft strategic core data stored in SOLYP3 at-a-glance! You can choose individually how to display your data (e.g., as a bar chart, bubble chart, or as traffic lights).


Advantages at-a-glance

  • Target/actual comparisons can be made
  • The combination of the query parameters can be saved and bookmarked as a favorite for later use
  • Information can be drilled-down
  • Dashboards are generated based on the most recent data
  • The individual dashboards can be renamed via the administration interface
  • Printer-friendly output
  • PDF output is possible with appropriate user environment
  • Charts can be copied using copy & paste


Sample SOLYP3 dashboard:

dashboard darstellung

For more detailed information, download the product data sheet Dashboards (pdf).


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