Graphical Navigation

With the "Graphical Navigation," the user-friendliness of SOLYP3 reaches the next level!

The tool makes navigating SOLYP3 easy and intuitive. The graphical navigation not only helps users to quickly get to a desired questionnaire, but once again underlines our commitment to a strategic planning process: It should be efficient, safe, and easy!


Get to the desired questionnaire in only two steps:

Step 1: When starting the strategic planning software SOLYP3, the planning structure of your organization will open automatically. Click on the strategic planning unit which you intent to work on.


graph nav1


Step 2: Next, a visualization of your strategic planning process opens. Click on the required process step.


Would you like to customize your graphical navigation? You can easily change and update it either yourself or ask your system administrator for assistance.

For more detailed information, download the product data sheet Graphical Navigation (pdf).


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