Scenario Planning

Scenario planning is a proven method for spotting long-term changes in the business environment early on, developing alternative options for action, and incorporating them into the strategic planning process.

The strategic planning software SOLYP3 facilitates the collection and analysis of all relevant hard and soft core data and, based on that, the development of alternative future scenarios within your strategic planning process.

With SOLYP3, you create a framework for developing complete and coherent strategic plans for each of your scenarios.


Advantages at-a-glance:

  • Top-down defined scenarios are enriched with data by the planning units using digital questionnaires.
  • Focusing on individual scenarios or aggregation of alternative scenarios of all planning units with output in PowerPoint.
  • Comparison of multiple scenarios at the push of a button, e.g., within automatically generated diagrams.
  • Option to differentiate between base case scenario, alternative scenarios, and individual scenarios


Collection of Hard and Soft Data via Digital Questionnaires:

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Output in PowerPoint:

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For more detailed information, download the product data sheet Scenario Planning (pdf).