Strategic Sales Planning

Often, businesses neglect their strategic sales planning. Whereas a well-functioning sales department is the engine of a healthy business! Successful strategic sales planning is the link between the overall strategy and the operative planning. It is derived from the superordinate business objectives and specific sales measures are being developed to serve the operative parameters. A comprehensive knowledge of market and customers, present in the sales department, is an invaluable advantage.

The strategic intelligence software SOLYP3 makes it possible to gather and analyse companywide knowledge about your market and customers to develop targeted measures. No doubt that it is especially important to take soft data, meaning qualitative information like trends or market developments, into consideration. Using SOLYP3, you are able to utilise and integrate them into your implementation measures – without loss of information! 


Your benefits

  • Prevent loss of information and collect and utilise all of your employees’ know-how – across all business units!
  • Keep an eye on your target achievement using tracking implementation of measures and status requests.


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