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Digital Maturity Assessment

The digital transformation presents technical and entrepreneurial challenges. Therefore, traceability of strategic decisions is important.

The digital transformation presents technical and entrepreneurial challenges. Success is possible only when companies adapt to the situation at all organizational levels to consistently rethink products, services and processes consistently. This pressure to adapt, combined with the departure from proven products, procedures and responsibilities, often introduces uncertainty among employees, or, in the worst case, refusal to follow the new path.

Traceability of strategic decisions is important

In order to address both positive and negative expectations, management demands transparency and traceability of strategic decisions. Nevertheless, it is also helpful for each individual to reflect on their own attitude, whether curiosity or rejection, toward the innovations. However, a comprehensive critical reflection also takes into account strategic decisions and organizational action. Do they reveal that the company is developing the necessary digital drive?

Digital Maturity Assessment provides feedback on whether the strategy has arrived

With the Digital Maturity Assessment in Solyp 4.0, we have developed a valuable and always expandable questionnaire on this topic for you.

The main questions are:

- Does the company have a digital strategy, with a clear vision and achievable goals?

- How closely and comprehensibly are the digital strategy, business models, products and services aligned to one another?

- Are the necessary resources available?

- Is the digital orientation also visible externally (eg in the communication channels used)?

- Do employees have the required qualifications?

The results of your survey can be viewed in charts and reports. For further analysis, prepare your data for import into proven statistics tools. The data can be collected at the business-unit level, but also at the employee level. Data will be anonymous in accordance with the legal framework.

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