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Capacity Planning Resources

The best strategy can fizzle out if the implementation planning is not carefully aligned with the company's available resources. Here you establish and track the way your entire initiative portfolio is handled in the organization. Simulations and feedback help you optimize your planning.

Resource planning based on employee capacity

How do you develop a realistic plan for implementation?

Our module supports you in answering the most important planning questions:

  • When can the planned initiatives be implemented with the available resources?
  • How can you effectively prioritize initiatives?
  • How do you keep track of your employees' actual workload over the entire length of implementation?
  • How do you respond to the feedback from capacity planning, and how do you communicate it?

Finely tuned resource capacity planning allows for predictive planning.

With resource capacity planning, you have an overview from which you can coordinate initiatives and manage your employees' time spent.

  • Create a realistic plan that delegates actions to specific employees at specific times
  • Optimize your planning in terms of your strategic business goals
  • Understand the strategic parameters with regard to required resources and identify unrealistic requirements
  • Simulate alternative plans for your project portfolio

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