StrategY Solution

Risk Management

With the Risk Management solution module you name and monitor project, process and asset risks at all levels of your organization.

Risk Management with Solyp 4.0

Both intensity and probability of occurrence contribute to risk relevance

Through the hierarchy of your company, individual risks are condensed according to the methodology used and thus enable all levels of the company to align in order to avoid, reduce or distribute risk or, in the best sense, to enter into a calculated entrepreneurial risk. Various charts and reports enable you to visualize the overall situation as well as hotspots and interdependencies.

To go further, you can prepare your data for import into proven risk management tools.

Because this is a Solyp 4.0 solution module, you can integrate risk management into every other planning and analysis application on the SOLYP4.0 platform.


Solyp for Crisis Strategy helps you to handle the crisis immediately and without complications.

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