2nd SOLYP3 Best Practice Meeting in Munich on October 30th, 2015: The Strategy Process with SOLYP3 – Enlightened by OSRAM

Friday, 06. November 2015

At the invitation of SOLYP, Tobias Pröttel, Head of Market Intelligence at OSRAM, presented the strategy process of the Siemens spin-off at the 2nd SOLYP3 Practice Meeting in Munich. In his incisive talk, he analyzed the success factors of the strategy process with SOLYP3, gave valuable insights into the implementation of the strategic intelligence software, and sparked a lively exchange of ideas between strategists from various industries.

Strategy Needs Light Speed

The global market for light is changing rapidly. To manage this change successfully, OSRAM adjusts its structure on an annual basis in order to meet the market requirements. This requires maximum flexibility and agility both from corporate strategy and the strategy process by which it is developed. The large number of business units and product lines produces an amount of data that exceeds by far the possibilities of PowerPoint and Excel. In addition, SOLYP3 does not set any limits regarding the collection of soft data, such as opinions, trends, observations of competitors, etc. Without the linking of soft and hard data no strategy process would gain the necessary predictive power. Because financial indicators alone do not provide a look into the future; only the intelligent linking with soft data enables assessments of the future and the development of a robust corporate strategy.

SOLYP3 does not Overshadow Others

All strategists agreed that the implementation of yet another new IT system often evokes reservations and frictions. Nevertheless, how is it possible to gain acceptance for new strategic intelligence software?

It's simple: The user must not realize that a new tool is in use. In case of OSRAM, SOLYP3 was integrated into the MS collaboration platform SharePoint, with which the employees are were already familiar. SharePoint provides the single point of entry behind which SOLYP3 is operating. Any person depending on quick data access can download repots via quick links or generate dashboards and customized presentations without even noticing that they are retrieved from SOLYP3. The advantage:

  • The data is always up to date. Different versions, like in Excel, belong to the past.
  • SOLYP3 can be linked to other SharePoint applications, such as chat rooms, as well as external applications.

In SharePoint, users can be given different access rights to various levels of information - even for employees who are not involved in the strategic planning process. For instance, they may receive information about competitors via newsletter.

Excel, PowerPoint, SAP, SharePoint - and SOLYP3: All participants were impressed that the strategic intelligence software does not displace supposed competition, but serves as a knowledge repository and management tool taking advantage of the software environment and providing real competitive advantage by intelligently linking of all existing data.

As with the successful opening event in February this year in Frankfurt, we were pleased about the positive feedback and the ideas brought by the participants. Our special thanks go to Tobias Pröttel of OSRAM for an inspiring presentation!