6th SOLYP3 Key User Circle in Nuremberg: Our Review

Monday, 18. December 2017

6th SOLYP3 Key User Circle in Nuremberg:
Our Review

Inspiring presentations, exciting future prospects and mulled wine for a good cause: It was already the sixth time for the SOLYP team to invite their customers’ SOLYP3 key users to the pre-Christmas-season in Nuremberg to say thank you for working together so well during the past twelve months. Besides fascinating presentations by our customers Giesecke+Devrient and OSRAM, a great deal of news about the latest SOLYP3 developments was awaiting the participants on December 7th and 8th, 2017. Thanks to the new two day event-setup there was enough time to talk to each other about more than the daily business and learn more about SOLYP.

SOLYP3@Giesecke+Devrient: Process and System Re-design

The first presentation by Karla Korb, Manager Strategy and Implementation Corporate Development and Strategy at Giesecke+Devrient: The globally active enterprise for security technologies has been relying on SOLYP3 since 2008. Being customer from day one, the company was able to build a unified strategic planning and implementation process throughout the organization within the recent years with the help of the strategic intelligence platform. It was 2017, when a comprehensive change of structure took place in the family business from Munich with its 150 years of tradition: Among other things, a holding structure was introduced, which meant new challenges for the strategic department.

Four independent business units – Currency Technology, Mobile Security, Veridos and Secunet – demanded a lot of the strategic planning process: The individual requirements of the single business sectors have to be taken into consideration and at the same time, the group’s strategy must remain in focus. This is what Giesecke+Devrient used a structured portfolio management for, which incorporates the special features of every business sector into strategic planning. This results in an, at first sight, quite unusual new strategic planning process: A Corporate Policy Letter (CPL), edited by the business unit managers of the subgroups, is the guideline along which the strategies for the single business sectors are developed and aligned with the overall group strategy.

Even the modification of the strategic tools was involved in re-designing the strategic process: “Together with SOLYP, we succeeded in aligning the strategic platform in a way that enables the mapping of the numerous changes to the process – that is why data from SOLYP3 remains crucial for our inter-corporate strategy development”, said Korb. “Of course, we see potential for the expansion of the process in the future – the planning process was deployed for the first time in 2017, and we want to make it even more agile and dynamic in the years to come. To achieve this, we focus on corporate think tanks and hackathons – which, to us, is a completely new and very creative way of managing innovations. Lots of exciting projects and promising ideas have emerged from this only within the last months.”

SOLYP3 Product Innovations: From PostgreSQL to Intelligent Dashboards

Jan Borchers presented a small summary of SOLYP3’s product innovations in 2017, for example:

  • Since the beginning of the year, SOLYP3 complies also with the open source database PostgreSQL.
  • Moreover, you can filter planning levels integrated into the browsing engine now.
  • There was also further development of the dashboards: Besides links to the sections “report” and “entry”, data assessment has become easier since now it’s possible to sort columns ascending and descending by just a click. Furthermore, every dashboard now features a short URL to be embedded into SharePoint or other portals.
  • Also the support of external facts has been enhanced in SOLYP3: Now, you can even assess data from external sources, which don’t refer to already existing questionnaires, and include them in reports.

The feedback discussion round, that followed, showed that the implementation of JOOX in 2016 and the test center environment were seen as a good basis for the future. All key users were very fond of the new tools, which make working with the strategic intelligence software even more efficient and comfortable. Thanks to JOOX, PowerPoint presentations can now be created directly in SOLYP3 within just a few seconds, and with the help of the new test center you can implement new SOLYP3 modules seamlessly for everyone involved.

SOLYP3@OSRAM: Structured M&A process

On Friday, Tobias Pröttel, Head of Market Intelligence at OSRAM, presented the strategic process of the OSRAM Licht AG. The company with its long tradition has developed from a manufacturer of light bulbs to a high- tech enterprise within recent years. “The global market for light is changing rapidly – in order to manage this change, OSRAM aligns its structure to the requirements of the market regularly”, said Pröttel. “Therefore, it is so important to us to support our business units’ strategic planning as good as we can – this is the only way to generate useful data, we can deduce a successful corporate strategy from. This is the reason why we have been using SOLYP3 for our strategic planning since five years now.”

In order to strengthen acceptance of the planning tool among business unit managers and simplify using it, OSRAM integrated SOLYP3 right from the start into the MS SharePoint platform, which employees already knew: “SharePoint offers the single point of entry, behind which SOLYP3 is working. Those who need to access data quickly, download our quicklinks report or create dashboards and customized presentations without even noticing that they come from SOLYP3”, explained Pröttel. “The result: a significant corporate strategy founded on a solid data base thanks to SOLYP3.”

In the future, OSRAM will even map their M&A process with SOLYP3: “We wanted to have a central platform for exchanging and planning our M&A information, which also could be the basis for a profound analysis – we immediately had SOLYP3 in mind”, said Pröttel. In just a few months, OSRAM will implement the new M&A platform: “We hope to be able to simplify the communication within the process and enhance the overall productivity.”

Special features of the SOLYP solution are features which are typical for strategic intelligence software: Complex data can be uploaded and managed easily, dashboards are created automatically and intelligently analyzed and a spontaneous status report is no problem at all. SOLYP3 also combines number- and text-based information in a characteristic way, making the process anticipatory. Pröttel summed it up: “We transferred the strengths of SOLYP we got to know in the field of strategic planning one-to-one to our M&A process – this is how we wrote this success story.”

Dreaming about the Future: SOLYP3 goes Cloud

Finally, Martin Rügamer showed the strategy experts a small outlook on what SOLYP3 is up to in the future: He introduced the technologies and services which will pose new challenges to the strategic planning platform in the future: With automation advancing more and more, for example in installing, testing or regarding backup services, the Cloud is more and more crystallizing as the solution of the future. “Today, many of us are already used to working with cloud technologies – partly without noticing it, as it is the case with Salesforce or Office365”, said Rügamer. “We at SOLYP want to be prepared for this.”

Kürsat Gökce added: “Before people jump into the cloud, there are the same discussions and concerns we experienced when we introduced SOLYP3 for the current on-premises technology, which had become accepted over the years. We will and we have to get ready for the future with our strategy platform SOLYP3. This exciting journey has already begun – and we are part of it.”

Mulled Wine for a Good Cause

The two days of the event also included lots of networking opportunities: On Thursday, SOLYP invited everyone to a nice evening at the Christkindles Market and afterwards to have dinner in a traditional Franconian restaurant right in Nuremberg’s historic center. The participants took pleasure in following the invitation and used the opportunity to intensely exchange experiences with other SOLYP3 key users, gather valuable best practices and gain inspiration for their own strategic work. Quite fitting for Christmas, Charity was at the center of having a cup of mulled wine or punch: The sales revenue of the “Nuremberg International”-stand on the market of twin towns will be exclusively donated to social projects.

We say thank you to all participants for engaging in vivid discussions, giving us feedback so openly and the inspiring conversations – in short: For two unforgettable days in the christmassy town of Nuremberg. We would like to express our thankfulness especially to our speakers Karla Korb and Tobias Pröttel, who with their inspiring presentations impressively showed how SOLYP3 can support individual strategic planning processes. We are looking forward to seeing you at the SOLYP3 Key User Circle 2018!