The SOLYP-Blog is Celebrating its 4th Birthday!

Tuesday, 01. December 2015

Today it is exactly four years ago that we started our SOLYP-Blog. Time for us to celebrate, reflect, and look ahead!

From its humble beginnings in December 2011, the SOLYP-Blog has continuously evolved. Over the years, we were able not only to welcome many loyal readers, but also lots of external strategy experts as guest authors. Horváth & Partners, Kudernatsch Consulting, Murakamy, or, more recently, the, for instance, have contributed to the success of the blog and turned it into a high-level information and communication platform on strategic management processes in German-speaking countries.

Well received by our readers this year was also the blog series Success Factors of Strategic Planning - Expert Check. Based on quotes from our SOLYP3 customers, we analyzed and discussed some of the core issues of strategic planning in the 21st century, such as participation, communication, focus vs. diversification, creativity vs. formalized process, or the implementability of strategies. In addition, he placed special emphasis on the question of how digitizing strategic planning processes using modern IT can help in making them more efficient and effective, thereby increasing the agility and long-term success of the business.

Follow-up reports on strategy events also enjoy great popular among our readers. On the SOLYP-Blog, we like to report not only about our own recurring events, like the Best Practice Meeting, the Strategy Circle, or the SOLYP3 Key User Circle, but also about external events, such as the Annual Conference of Strategic Management organized by Horváth & Partners or the Chief Strategy Officer Summit. We are always happy to share the knowledge and insights which we gain on such meetings with our readers.

One question which we are particularly curious about is, of course, what topics or blog posts our readers are most interested in. Therefore, here are the Top-10-Blog-Posts of the past four years:

We would like to thank all our readers and guest writers!