SOLYP3 at CeBIT 2014

Friday, 14. March 2014

The CeBIT in Hanover not only attracts IT professionals from all over the world, but apparently also executives and managers who can get excited about software-based optimization of corporate strategic processes. SOLYP was therefore able to welcome an interested audience to its talk "More Planning Security Through Strategic Intelligence." Using vivid practical examples, he explained the functioning and benefits of the software and offered a look ahead at the further product developments planned for 2014.

SOLYP3 as Strategy Platform

We began by stressing that SOLYP3 can be used not only for the strategic planning process itself; rather, it covers and links strategy processes of all kinds from market and competitive intelligence over strategic risk management to strategic controlling. SOLYP3 provides a common platform for all strategically relevant data within the organization enabling a comprehensive view of key strategic issues, such as competition from the perspective of the marketing department, sales department, or the business units. This helps to avoid redundancies and creates valuable synergy effects.            

Benefits of SOLYP3

SOLYP3 collects the entire strategic knowledge of a company in a standardized fashion using digital questionnaires, we explained further. This includes both hard financial key figures and soft data. Qualitative information, such as trends or market analyzes, are important success factors for corporate strategies, he pointed out. Collected, structured, and analyzed with the right tool, this information can become "true knowledge" significantly increasing the quality of strategic planning. The standardized collection of data across all strategic planning units also ensures greater transparency and comparability.

Moreover, the consideration of qualitative data serves to increase planning reliability. When linked to hard financial key figures (e.g., sales growth), soft data (e.g. declining market trends) enables plausibility checks. Strategic risk management, for instance, is possible only with a tool that can manage the complexity and interrelationships of data sets. The comparison of historical data over longer periods of time also increases planning reliability by enabling more accurate forecasting.

Another key benefit of the software is that it offers enormous time savings. Fully-automated generation of PowerPoint presentations and intelligent data analyses reduce the manual work by up to 60 percent. This enables companies to focus more on the content rather than the technical aspects of their strategy work.

Finally, business agility can be improved through the use of SOLYP3. Dashboards visualize hard and soft data and enable ad-hoc analysis of strategic issues. This enables companies to react more quickly and flexibly to changes in the market environment.

Product Developments in 2014

Last but not least, we took a look ahead at the further developments of the strategy platform SOLYP3 planned for 2014. In the future, customers will be able to outsource application operations to a private cloud. The new service will be provided in collaborations with DATEV eG to guarantee highest data security. Sensitive information, such as information on investments or M&A activities, will be well protected against access by third parties.

Another focus in product development this year is market intelligence. A new content interface will allow SOLYP3 customers to obtain market information directly from renowned market research firms providing them with a high quality, structured data base for their strategic planning processes. Again, increasing the planning efficiency and reliability are the motives driving these new product developments.