SOLYP Customer Sto SE & Co. KGaA Talks in Executive Interview with CEO Magazine About Success Strategy

Monday, 09. May 2016

Innovation and differentiation—these have always been the two strategic pillars of Sto SE & Co. KGaA, the world leading producer of a broad range of next-generation building envelope solutions and coating systems for building construction, maintenance, and restoration. In an executive interview with the CEO Magazine, the Spokesman of the Executive Board Rainer Hüttenberger now talks about the successful history of the traditional family-run company headquartered in Baden-Württemberg and takes a look into the future which Sto is already well-prepared for thanks to setting the right strategic direction.

Two major historical milestones for the company were the reunification in 1989 and the following rebuilding of East Germany as well as the acquisition of Sto’s largest German competitor Ispo in 2002, which was a huge growth driver for both the national and many international markets. Today, Sto is successfully operating at a global level having generated a turnover of 1.22 billion Euros last year. Nevertheless, Rainer Hüttenberger sees even more growth potential for some regions and segments. In order to exploit this potential as best as possible, Sto continues to rely on its proven recipe for success: "Differentiation through innovative products." In addition to having a strong customer focus, sustainability plays a key role in this, which is also reflected in the future vision of the company: "Technology leader in the sustainable design of living space tailored to human needs, worldwide."

As expert for digitizing strategic management processes, SOLYP Informatik GmbH has supported Sto in achieving its strategic goals since 2012. The Strategic Intelligence Software SOLYP3 has been customized to meet the specific needs of Sto allowing the company to conduct its rolling five-year strategic planning company-wide in a standardized and integrated fashion. Detailed information on Sto’s use of SOLYP3 can be found in the follow-up report of our Best Practice Meeting from February 2015 in which strategy managers of Sto presented the company's SOLYP3 system to an interested professional audience.

As a long-time strategic partner of Sto SE & Co. KgaA, we are glad to support this executive interview with Rainer Hüttenberger in the CEO Magazine with a technical contribution. The full interview, including our contribution, can be downloaded as PDF file for free.