Our Top 10: Nominations 10 to 6

Thursday, 09. February 2017

The most popular SOLYP
blog reports 2016 – part 1

Have you finished your strategic planning for the next financial year? Our advice: Take your time and review 2016 once again to achieve the optimal strategy for your company. We support you with our top ten blog reports from last year which certainly are still relevant to strategists. Let’s go with the nominations 10 to 6.

10. Strategy Circle 2016 in Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurtskyline klThe fifth SOLYP Strategy Circle in Frankfurt am Main in April 2016 was a full success: strategists from different industries used the opportunity to exchange views in a small and private group on a high professional level. As usual there were two impulse speeches: Janina Kaiser of K+S Gruppe and Mirko Rajs and Marcus Schueler of the consulting firm MHP gave interesting insights into the strategy work of their organisations and therefore delivered valuable suggestions for the brainstorming that followed. Read more in our follow-up report.

9. Trend Monitor 2016

trends2016Which new technological and social trends will emerge in 2016 and which ones will prevail? In January last year we gazed into the crystal ball: Social shopping, unified commerce and generation Z – what do you think? Have our prophecies been fulfilled? Click here for the article.


8. Digital Control of Swarm Intelligence

FischschwarmStrategic planning considers swarm intelligence as a phenomenon that occurs by chance. We asked ourselves the following question: Is strategic intelligence software able to control swarm intelligence processes and harness them for strategic planning? Our approach: control is possible – with the implementation of IT based processes that allow the collection and connection of hard and soft data. Find the complete article here.

7. What Does It Take to Succeed in Africa?

Afrika klA fast growing middle class, wealth of raw materials and an above-average growth versus poor infrastructure, widespread corruption and political instability – fact is that all investments in Africa should be well considered and strategically planned. Read here what’s so special about this dynamic region and which success factors businesses and their expansion strategy should focus on.

6. Strategic Planning in Family-Run Businesses

goldfish jumpingNothing is more constant than change – no news to most strategists. Nevertheless, our guest speaker Prof. Dr. Arnold Weissmann advises especially medium-sized companies not to neglect long-term strategy work in view of growing uncertainty and constant change. Our article will tell you how they can prepare themselves for the future and regard change as an opportunity.