Our Top 10: Nominations 5 to 1

Friday, 10. February 2017

The most popular SOLYP
blog reports 2016 – part 2

Now the nominations 5 to 1: these articles were your favourites on our SOLYP-Strategy-Blog 2016 – from chess masters to chief strategists. Have fun reading our Final countdown!

Are you still not sure which strategy is the right one for your company in 2017? With the strategic intelligence software SOLYP3 can strategic planning processes be digitised and soft data like trends, environmental issues, market activities or competition be combined with current finance data. For flexible, robust and safe strategy planning. 

5. The 30 Best Strategy Quotes

bunte sprechblasen klTo convert complex facts into short, catchy statements: Our Top 30 quotes may help strategists not to lose focus when struggling with stressful day to day work. Perhaps you will put one or the other quote on your office wall as credo for 2017 or use it as a lead for your next strategy workshop. Let yourself be inspired here.


4. Strategy in Disruptive Times – Where Does the Journey Lead Us?

jetsThe ghost of disruption: only hype or a risk that has to be taken seriously? Our guest speaker Prof. Dr. Julian M. Kawohl thinks: There are various indications that disruptive tendencies appear and consolidate in a lot of industries - and often the first point of contact is digitisation. Read here what this means for strategists and what established companies can learn from Start-ups (article only available in German).

3. Thinking Strategically Just Like a Chess Master

Schachspieler klSome of the most successful entrepreneurs are passionate chess players – i.e. Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg or billionaire US investor Peter Thiel who originally is from Frankfurt/ Main. Does playing chess help gaining knowledge about strategical thinking which may help business executives in making more successful decisions? Our guest author Milon Gupta says: Yes, if you stick to the seven success principles of chess masters. Read our article to find out the answers.

2. Tips for Developing Key Risk Indicators

Ampeln kl2Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) are early warning signs indicating change in the risk profile of a company. They are crucial for an effective strategic risk management process – nevertheless they are seldom or only insufficiently used by companies. When developing KRI systems, special attention should be paid to the following.


1. The Hidden Value of the Chief Strategy Officer

Dirigent klDoes it make sense at all to have a chief strategy officer (CSO) and a central strategy department? The University of St.Gallen and strategy consultancy Roland Berger tried to answer this question by conducting a European chief strategy officer survey in 2016. The main results of the survey were: strategy work is often organised cross-functional and involves employees of all areas. Above all, CSOs have to have excellent communicative and interpersonal skills these days. Also should the revised job profile of the CSO be taken into consideration when performance is measured. Curious to find out more? Here is the link for the full article.