Top Strategy Discussion Groups on LinkedIn und Xing

Friday, 14. September 2012

Online discussion groups on social networks like LinkedIn or Xing are ideal places to exchange minds and build new relations with other strategy enthusiasts, independent of time and place. Some groups are constantly growing and very active; others don’t make it over the initial phase of excitement. Here we have compiled a selection of the currently best discussion groups on the subject of strategic planning:


  • Strategy & Corporate Strategic Planning Xchange
    With over 25,000 members and up to 1,000 posts per month, Strategy & Corporate Strategic Planning Xchange is one of the biggest and most active discussion groups on the subject. It was founded in 2010 by Joe Evans, president and CEO of the consulting firm Method Frameworks, who is still managing the group with lots of commitment. Among the group members, there is a large number of senior level executives as well as known experts in the field of corporate strategic planning, such as the recognized consultant and book author Terry Schmidt. The group has an international focus and is continuously increasing in size. Strategy & Corporate Strategic Planning Xchange has several subgroups that are of interest as well, including  Strategic Management Articles and Blogs, Corporate Planning for Small & Midsize Businesses and Technology Strategy Xchange  for all those excited about IT strategy work.

  • Strategic Planning Society (SPS)
    The LinkedIn group of the British Strategic Planning Society also enjoys increasing popularity and is currently counting over 11,000 members. Here you will find many stimulating and informed discussions, such as the debate on the professionalization of the strategy work, which we have covered in a previous blog post. The still relatively new subgroup Strategic Planning Society (SPS) - Academic is aimed primarily at students, scholars, and researchers, and intended for academic knowledge exchange. Experienced practitioners from the corporate world are also welcome.

  • Association for Strategic Planning (ASP)
    The Association for Strategic Planning is the American counterpart to the British SPS. Its LinkedIn group is one of the oldest and is open to all academics, managers, and strategy professionals and consultants. Similar to the SPS group, the level of discussions is rather high. The ASP group currently has over 4,000 members; many of them are familiar faces from the other groups already mentioned.

  • Strategy Professionals Network
    This group is focused on the activities of consultants and professionals responsible for corporate strategy development. Among the 22,000 members, there are many representatives of major German companies. The proportion of senior level executives (26%) is significant considering the large number of members. The group is led by Jeff Breeze, a freelance consultant at JB Consulting, London.

  • Strategic Planning and Business Development
    Another great discussion group for all those who wish to extend their knowledge in the areas of strategic planning and business development and share it with others. The group has more than 16,000 members, primarily from the U.S., the UK, and India. Most Industries represented include management consulting, IT, financial services, telecommunications, marketing, and oil/energy.

  • Strategy and Management Consultants
    In this group, strategy and management consultants are mostly among themselves, so to speak. The group has currently nearly 20,000 members, many of them from Europe. As in the other groups, job offerings are posted regularly.

  • Strategic Planning Professionals
    This group is not quite as active as the others, but still recommendable to everyone interested in strategic marketing planning and brand management. Here you will quickly learn about the latest marketing trends and can get feedback to your own ideas and questions.

  • Future Trends
    Spotting relevant trends early on plays a key role in strategic planning. So, why not become member of a discussion group consisting of trend hunters, corporate visionaries, and future thinkers. The subgroups Social Media Strategies, European Innovators and Future Trends in Family Marketing are recommendable as well.


  • Strategy and Tactics
    This German-speaking discussion group is primarily concerned with strategy development. It is moderated by the Austrian Klaus Schmerbeck of Strategy Experts. Members include executives of many large German companies like Daimler, Siemens, BASF, Deutsche Telecom, Bahn AG, or Deutsche Bank.

  • Balanced Scorecard
    As the name suggests, this group is devoted mostly to the practical application of the balanced scorecard developed by Kaplan and Norton. However, other performance measurement tools receive attention as well. The 6,000 members are communicating in German, English, and Spanish.

  • Leadership Intelligence - Strategische Unternehmensführung
    Leadership is one of the prerequisites for successful strategy development and implementation. In this group, the theoretical foundations of leadership intelligence as well as their application in practice are discussed. In addition, there are separate forums for discussing general issues of strategic management and liability risks as well as for sharing inspiring strategy quotes, studies, and surveys. Compared to the LinkedIn groups, this Xing group with its 1,900 members is also rather small, but notable.