How to find an inspiring and future-oriented enterprise purpose? Why is the purpose of an enterprise key in today’s business environment? And how can one succeed in positioning an enterprise accordingly in terms of strategy to match its purpose? Strategy experts attending this year’s annual conference on Strategic Management dedicated themselves to those and other questions.

A guest article by Dr. Alexander Koch

How does a clear market/customer segmentation benefit strategic business development? How can segmentation be carried out pragmatically? The following article provides food for thought on the basis of our experience with lots of medium-sized family businesses.

A guest article by Ronald Herse

Market volatility, growth, disruption, digitization, shareholder value... our current environment is characterized by constant change and ever higher speed. It has never been easy to develop working strategies and implement them with the desired results. Of course, while respecting resources, budgets and time frame.

In management theory, the intelligence of the many is portrayed as superior to that of a homogeneous group such as a board of directors. Nonetheless, so-called swarm intelligence is a phenomenon that occurs by chance and is therefore hardly capable of controlling strategic processes for a company...

One of the central questions which first need to be clarified as part of the introduction or revision of a strategic planning process in medium and large enterprises is the direction of planning. Basically, three alternative planning directions can be distinguished: top-down planning, bottom-up planning and planning using a counter-flow process. Which of these is best for a company depends primarily on the respective corporate culture. Relevant questions are whether the company is mainly centrally or decentrally organised, how much value is attached to staff participation and whether open communication and an ongoing exchange of information is practiced....