A guest article by Dr. Alexander Koch

It is so easy to say: The organizational structure has to fit the strategy: Structure follows Strategy. That is true at its core, but also very demanding in times of ever faster changing conditions. How can the established stable forms of organization of many family-owned companies meet those new requirements?

The Rock in the Surf

Thursday, 19. September 2019

A guest article by Jörg Rietsch

Target-orientated investments, optimising workload and successfully implementing additional company strategies – strategic project portfolio management allows for effective project execution, for example when implementing changes as part of digitalisation and in relation to levelled capacity planning.

A guest article by Daniel Trefzer

It is very important for any enterprise development to have a structured flow of information in all directions. The Hoshin Kanri approach with the Catch Ball method is an efficient and effective tool to enhance the strategic portfolio management.

How to find an inspiring and future-oriented enterprise purpose? Why is the purpose of an enterprise key in today’s business environment? And how can one succeed in positioning an enterprise accordingly in terms of strategy to match its purpose? Strategy experts attending this year’s annual conference on Strategic Management dedicated themselves to those and other questions.

A guest article by Dr. Alexander Koch

How does a clear market/customer segmentation benefit strategic business development? How can segmentation be carried out pragmatically? The following article provides food for thought on the basis of our experience with lots of medium-sized family businesses.