New McKinsey Survey: Board Members Are Dedicating More Time to Strategy

on March 07, 2016

In our previous two blog posts, we presented recent studies investigating the changing role of the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) in the organization and the importance of the CEO in communicating corporate strategy. Today we would like to take a closer look at board directors and the question of how they contribute to strategy work...

The Board’s Role in Strategic Planning

on October 07, 2013

An important aspect of strategy work that has so far received relatively little attention in the research literature is the question of the role of the Board of Directors. In his recently published book All Above Board: Creating the Ideal Corporate Board, Ulf Lindgren is now taking a closer look at the issue. Lindgren has conducted interviews with 48 chairmen of the board, 22 senior board members, and over 50 CEOs of large corporations mainly in Europe and North America, coming to the sobering conclusion that “in many corporations, the Board of Directors are simply not performing to their full potential.” He argues that “the board should take an active role in strategy” and “act as a guide and leader for the company in times of change and disruption.”