Brand Advocates – Your New Best Friends

on October 23, 2012

From the little coffee shop around the corner up to international corporations, there is hardly a business that does not try to promote its brands and products on the social networks. Running a Facebook page and twittering are now part of any marketing strategy. The more fans, followers, and commenters you have, the higher is the level of brand awareness. This, at least, seems to be the widespread assumption. Social media experts, however, agree that quantity alone is not the key to successful social media marketing. What really matters is the word-of-mouth between users, as consumers are increasingly relying on third parties, such as friends, family, or colleagues when making purchasing decisions. The so-called "brand advocates" play a leading role in all this...

Webinar Follow-up: Strategic Brand Management in Practice

on September 20, 2013

On Tuesday, we launched our new webinar series on strategic planning issues, which we will be hosting with our partner orange green & water in the upcoming months. The topic of the webinar, which was held in English language and attended by participants from the United States and Europe, was „strategic brand management." In addition to the SOLYP team and Carsten Sambraus, managing partner of orange, green & water, we are very excited to welcome Anne Greer as a speaker. Anne is the founder of Greer Enterprises and former Chief Brand Officer at 3M where she successfully launched a number of new brands, including the Post-it® Notes.