Start-ups as drivers of innovation for SMEs

on June 27, 2019

A guest article by Julian van der Linden

Many owners, managing directors and executives struggle with the innovative capability of their own company – whether in a corporation, in medium-sized companies or in family-run, smaller enterprises (SMEs = Small and Medium-sized Enterprises or “Mittelstand”). The vast majority of companies are certain that "innovation is important" and that they are actually quite innovative.

Which is Your Source of Competitive Advantage?

on October 15, 2015

Costs, differentiation, time-to-market, core competencies, technological innovation—these are some of the classic sources of competitive advantage that companies have been using more or less successfully over decades. However, there are all kinds of other sources of competitive advantage that are praised every now and then by consultants, researchers, or managers of young start-ups as the new strategic miracle weapons, whether it’s be big data, business model innovation, or organizational learning. Here, we have put together some YouTube videos for you in which experts spotlight various success factors that may lead to competitive advantage.

Follow-up on 5th Horváth-Strategy-Network Meeting

on November 20, 2013

Strategy experts from all industries gathered for the 5th Horváth-Strategy-Network meeting in Düsseldorf on November 8th. The focus of the event was on the systematization of business models. In addition, common strategy challenges and pitfalls were discussed in small groups based on some real-life examples provided by participants.

Business Model Design as Key to Success – The 7C-Model of Horváth & Partners, A Guest Column by Christiane Wilkens, Horváth & Partners

on April 28, 2014

More and more companies come to realize that offering products and services with superior features is no longer sufficient for achieving long-term business success. Too fast these features can be imitated by competitors. However, companies that succeed in embedding their offerings into a compelling business model, which combines both conceptual and implementation-based strength, can ascend to strategy champions of their industry.