Change-Management for SMEs

on October 29, 2018

A guest article by Prof. Dr. Roman Stöger

Innovation-Boost, Digitization, Internationalization, new Business Models. We live in times of continuous change. What are the drivers behind this phenomenon? We had more time for reacting on upcoming dynamics in former times. Today we have to be much faster especially when it is about execution.

Think Big! Future Markets – and What Strategy Will Be Apt to Conquer Them

on May 11, 2018

At the end of April, strategy experts from diverse industries met up in Stuttgart, Germany, for the 18th Annual Strategic Management Conference. This year’s focus: future markets developing rapidly. SOLYP as a cooperation partner of the event participated with their own stand. We summarized the exciting talks for you in our follow-up report.

Digital Data Management: The Cloud as the Model of the Future?

on October 27, 2017

“The Cloud” has become much more than just an external memory extension. It is the solution that organizations need in the age of digitalization: Big Data, the Internet of Things, the increasing mobile use of the web and the blockchain technology require flexible IT infrastructures. So all roads lead towards the cloud, don’t they? But what need companies to take into account when implementing a cloud solution?

The Transformation of Controlling: from Number Crunching to valued Management Consulting

on August 10, 2017

A guest article by Dr Bianca Drerup

Since the turn of the millennium the role of controllers has changed rapidly: Mainly seen as ‘number crunchers’ and ‘control freaks’ then, they are now highly estimated as management consultants and critical counterparts. The latest trends in digitalization and shared service organizations are also affecting this view: The range of responsibilities and technologies employed has changed so much up until now that companies need to totally restructure the role of controllers. The University of Duisburg-Essen recently carried out a study about such transformational processes, including the implementation of the Strategic Intelligence Software SOLYP3 at a consumer product manufacturer.

Business model developer, corporate entrepreneur and transformation manager – how the role of strategists will change

on June 09, 2017

A guest article by Prof. Dr. Julian Kawohl

I have always dealt with theories, concepts and instruments of strategic management. When I studied business, I learnt essential approaches, which I later practically applied as a chief strategy officer. Now, as a professor for management, I pass them on to my students and in my scientific work to the public. Today, when I meet up with my former chief strategy officer colleagues in interbranch networks, this change of perspective makes me see big and fundamental changes coming up, which will affect the work of strategists.

Digitalization as a strategic Challenge

on May 23, 2017

By now, even the most conservative CEO should have realized: Digitalization cannot be averted, ignored or put aside with a smile. No reason to panic, however: Meeting the challenge today means benefitting from optimized work flows, product innovations and new markets tomorrow. Is your business ready for digital transformation? Find out by answering four simple questions!