Cross-Sectoral Innovation: How the Concept Works for Almost Any Company

on July 12, 2018

A guest article by Dagmar Recklies

Cross-sectoral innovation means transferring approaches from other branches to one’s own field of business and thus creating something new. This concept is becoming a more and more important strategic tool in many companies. The reasons for this are obvious: Mature business areas, product groups and markets without big growth potentials meet disruptive change. Software-driven business models affect long-established industry structures. The expectations and needs of customers, who themselves often enough are under pressure to innovate, have changed.

From Trend to Strategy - Follow-up on the 15th Annual Conference of Strategic Management by Horváth & Partners

on May 13, 2015

Exciting best practice presentations, lively discussions, and plenty of networking among strategy professionals - this is what the Annual Conference of Strategic Management by Horváth & Partners stands for more than any other such event in the German-speaking region. Last Thursday, the Annual Conference was held in Stuttgart for the 15th time already. As in previous years, SOLYP was happy to serve yet again as one of the event partners. The motto of the event was: "From trend to strategy – Seeing further, acting sooner." Among the distinguished speakers were representatives of Tesla Motors, DekaBank, and RECARO Holding as well as the energy provider EnBW, one of our SOLYP3 customers.