John Kotter’s 8-step model in the digital age – Top-down or bottom-up? Kotter’s dilemma and its digital solution

on October 18, 2016

As I recently took a close look at the visitor statistics for our strategy blog, I found myself rubbing my eyes in amazement: Nearly 40% of all visitors had clicked on the entry about John Kotter’s 8-step model! Despite the fact that, over the past few months, we have presented and discussed strategy models that would appear at first glance to be more modern ...

Successful Organizational Transformation – Kotter’s 8-Steps Change Model

on February 12, 2014

In the strategy community, there has been a lot of discussion lately about the need for companies to continuously reinvent themselves in order to succeed in today’s complex, uncertain, and volatile business environment in the long-term. Not only products and services, but also the business model and the corporate culture need to evolve and change in increasingly short intervals. Strategic realignment and restructuring of a company is anything but an easy undertaking, though, and, in most cases, inevitably faced with resistance by the employees.