The SOLYP-Blog is Back Form its Summer Break with New Strategy Book Recommendations

on September 01, 2015

Summer is slowly coming to an end and fall right around the corner! A perfect season to make yourself comfortable on the couch, put up your feet, and enjoy a good book. We have selected some brand new strategy and management books for you that are not only very informative, but entertaining, even inspiring. Just take some time to read through some of them. Enjoy!

Strategic Divestment Management Gaining Popularity

on November 24, 2014

The year 2014, which is already drawing to an end, was marked by M&A. Headlines were filled with news not only about big mergers-think of General Electric and Alstom or O2 and E-Plus-, but also about divestments. Philips separated from its traditional Lighting & Consumer Electronics division, Ebay said goodbye to Paypal, and HP recently announced to split up into two businesses, one for PCs and printers and the other for corporate hardware and services. Investors reacted positively to these decisions pushing up the stock prices of the companies. Strategic divestment management, according to the findings of two recent studies conducted by the consulting firms Boston Consulting Group and EY, is gaining in popularity both with CEOs and investors.

Must-See Strategy Videos

on April 11, 2014

On YouTube you can find not only the latest fun clips to share with your friends and colleagues, but also lots of professionally made videos that deal with the various aspects of strategy work. We did some searching and compiled for you some of the most interesting YouTube videos on the subject.

Boosting Innovation with Acqui-Hiring

on June 02, 2014

In dynamic, technology-oriented industries, innovation is an important, if not the most important source of competitive advantages. There are basically two ways in which innovations can arise: inside and outside the organization. The latter is usually done in the form of contract research, in cooperation with other companies, or through acquisitions of technologies and companies. A relatively new approach to boost innovation, however, which is gaining in popularity lately, is what is called “acqui-hiring.” It involves large established firms buying struggling startup companies not for their products but solely to recruit entire teams of young and creative talents.