Active Risk Management as an Advantage in Competition

on March 01, 2019

Business risks and adjusting strategy and business models to them should already play an important role in management. Today, it is becoming more and more probable that one’s own organization could be harmed by cyber attacks, financial crises, environmental factors and other dangers.

Generic Competitive Strategies Were Yesterday: Successful Companies Now Pursue Hybrid Strategies

on March 08, 2013

Which competitive strategy does your company pursue? Cost leadership or differentiation? If your answer to this question is "both," you are probably on the right track. Today, more and more large-sized companies around the world rely on hybrid strategies that successfully combine low cost and differentiation advantages.

Which is Your Source of Competitive Advantage?

on October 15, 2015

Costs, differentiation, time-to-market, core competencies, technological innovation—these are some of the classic sources of competitive advantage that companies have been using more or less successfully over decades. However, there are all kinds of other sources of competitive advantage that are praised every now and then by consultants, researchers, or managers of young start-ups as the new strategic miracle weapons, whether it’s be big data, business model innovation, or organizational learning. Here, we have put together some YouTube videos for you in which experts spotlight various success factors that may lead to competitive advantage.

How to Use Strategic Price Management to Gain Competitive Advantage

on October 26, 2015

The price is one of the most effective levers for maximizing profits as it immediately creates income and doesn’t incur costs. This insight is by no means new and has been proven by numerous scientific studies. A recent survey by McKinsey (2015), for instance, which examined more than 1,000 pricing-excellence and performance-improvement initiatives in a range of B2B sectors worldwide found that such efforts typically translate into an increase in return on sales of up to seven percentage points, depending on the sector...