Value Orientation as a Basis for Successful Leadership in the 21st Century

on July 04, 2019

A guest article by Dr. Wolfgang Schröder

It’s a fact that leadership has become a bigger challenge today compared to the last century. The main reasons for this are increasing globalization and interconnection, digitalization, rapid technological developments.

Positioning as a Link Between Corporate Strategy and Customers

on June 06, 2019

A guest article by Dagmar Recklies

A corporate strategy, according to definition, is a long-term plan an enterprise wants to reach it superordinate goals, guarantee its existence and generate results for its owners with.

Which is Your Source of Competitive Advantage?

on October 15, 2015

Costs, differentiation, time-to-market, core competencies, technological innovation—these are some of the classic sources of competitive advantage that companies have been using more or less successfully over decades. However, there are all kinds of other sources of competitive advantage that are praised every now and then by consultants, researchers, or managers of young start-ups as the new strategic miracle weapons, whether it’s be big data, business model innovation, or organizational learning. Here, we have put together some YouTube videos for you in which experts spotlight various success factors that may lead to competitive advantage.