Collaboration with BASF SE Reaches New Milestone: SOLYP3 to be Standard Software

Wednesday, 30. September 2015

Since 2009, SOLYP3 supports BASF in structured, linked, and consistent data management.

Now, the strategic intelligence software developed by the Nuremberg strategy experts has taken the next step up the career ladder of the chemical company.

SOLYP3 will replace the Microsoft programs Excel and PowerPoint as standard software for strategic planning processes.

As the world's leading chemical company, BASF benefits from replacing Excel-based planning primarily by gaining higher consistency of the collected data, linking hard and soft data in an intelligent way, and massively reducing the work load. Moreover, the standard software SOLYP3 increases the comparability of strategic data and reduces sources errors.

But also non-Excel-based strategy processes can now be mapped in SOLYP3 BASF-wide. The standard software SOLYP3 enables the integration of already existing strategy tools, such as SWOT analyses or competitive analyses. Thus, the entire strategy process from market and competition analysis to the deriving of concrete investment plans can be digitally managed.

BASF raises SOLYP3 to the rank of standard software due to its excellent long-term experience with the strategic intelligence Software. The positive reviews by strategy consultancies and research institutions have played a role in the evaluation as well.

Download the press release on the closer collaboration of BASF and SOLYP as PDF.