EnBW Opts for Strategic Planning with SOLYP3

Monday, 25. June 2012

One of the largest energy companies in Europe shows how important a holistic view of qualitative and quantitative elements is for strategic planning: Energie Baden-Württemberg AG (EnBW) is implementing a standardized strategy process with IT support. For this, it is relying on SOLYP3 software, which was developed specially for strategy work in large corporations.

"For us, it is especially important that, with SOLYP3, we can now also take into account qualitative data, hence enabling a holistic view of strategic business areas. With SOLYP3, widely varying pieces of information on our strategic business areas can be displayed in a detailed manner and linked to each other. As soon as the first phase of the data collection is complete, we are able to generate convincing presentations from the system at any time. This makes our work much easier," summarizes Jörg Klasen, who is Head of Company Strategy at EnBW.

For more information, read the full press release (pdf)