Improved Ad Hoc Analysis offers Enhanced Functionality and Usability

Wednesday, 19. December 2012

The Ad Hoc Analysis, consisting of the “Data Browser” and “Raw Data Export,” is SOLYP3’s main tool for analyzing strategic core data. In order to improve both usability and functionality further, the Ad Hoc Analysis is subject to continuous development.

With the release of three new core functions, the next milestone in the development has been reached:

  • The “Time Splitter” allows users to perform more precise comparisons of historic strategic core data by quarter or month.

  • Users can quickly and easily compare multiple strategic planning units. Thus, manual collection and linking of strategic core data of different planning units becomes obsolete!

  • External data from other sources can be integrated to enhance data quality even further. 

To learn more, read our product datasheets:

Product data sheet Ad Hoc Analysis – Raw Data Export (pdf)
Product data sheet Ad Hoc Analysis – Data Browser (pdf)