SOLYP Supports Practice-Oriented Teaching in Software Development

Friday, 20. July 2012

SOLYP visited the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg this week to deliver the talk "Morphing of Organization: From Projects to Products" within the Product Management seminar led by Professor Dirk Riele. By doing this, we gladly followed the public call by Professor Riele to support practice-oriented teaching in software development.

In front of a group of masters students, we explained in detail the problems faced by software companies when making the change from project to product business. A transition which SOLYP has been undergoing itself in recent years. A common problem is that ideas can no longer be generated from the contract work, but must be developed by the companies themselves. To be so innovative, it needs not only personal initiative and a high degree of creativity, but especially the necessary financial and human resources. In times of shortages of skilled labor, the latter is not always possible. Another common problem is that not all customer-specific adjustments can be made. Instead individual solutions have to give way to standard out-of-the-box solutions.

The discussions with the students and the attending staff were very stimulating. We thank Professor Riele for the kind invitation and look forward to actively supportting similar events in the future by sharing our practical experiences and expertise with prospective software developers and young entrepreneurs.