The Initative Focus as a Tool for Developing Strategic Goals and Measures

Tuesday, 14. May 2013

The Initiatives Focus of SOLYP Informatik GmbH now allows businesses that place the focus of their strategy work on developing goals and measures to systematize and standardize their process without having to forgo the advantages of using the strategic planning software SOLYP3.

Soft data can be used and linked to hard financial data. The top-down/bottom-up approach to data collection enables the senior management to set performance goals for strategic business units and collect data on the various initiatives and measures in a central location. Automatically generated diagrams visualize key data serving as a basis for ad-hoc decision-making.

As an expert in strategic planning, it is SOLYP’s primary concern that businesses carry out their strategy-related processes in a sound and sustainable manner. That is why SOLYP wants to assist not only businesses that have a comprehensive and holistic strategic planning process in place, but also those that wish to focus mainly on the development, implementation, and control of strategic goals and measures.

To learn more about the benefits of the Initiative Focus, see the product data sheet Initiative Focus (pdf)!