SOLYP3 Wiki – Collecting Even Softer Data

Monday, 05. September 2011

The core added value of SOLYP3 is the possibility to collect and link soft and hard data. We are continuously working on improving this technology even further. Our latest feature is a wiki which can be integrated in SOLYP3. The wiki allows collecting even “softer” data and serves organizations as a central repository of strategically relevant information. In developing this feature, special attention was paid to effective application possibilities as well as ease of use. The wiki can be accessed from each questionnaire—right where data collection takes place. All relevant information can be entered directly and retrieved without cumbersome search.

The wiki operates based on the proven Wikipedia technology. Each authorized employee of an organization can use it to collect, link, and organize unstructured information, such as data on competition or current trends in the marketplace. This way the wiki helps to improve internal exchange of strategic information and harness the strategic knowledge within the organization in a systematic fashion.

The wiki is free for all SOLYP3 users and can be seamlessly integrated into the software.