Product News

Having access to strategic planning data anytime and anywhere – This is no longer a problem for SOLYP3 users thanks to the new SOLYP3 Dashboard App for Windows tablet devices! Visit the Microsoft Windows Store and download the SOLYP3 Dashboard App for free!

An eventful year lies behind SOLYP Informatik GmbH. In addition to customer events with record attendance and professional talks at St. Gallen Business School, new product developments of the Strategic Intelligence Software SOLYP3 have been launched making the digitization of strategic planning processes easier than ever before!

During the summer semester 2014, SOLYP Informatik GmbH sponsored a learning project at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg which was designed to provide students with the opportunity to gain some hands-on experience in professional, team-based software development. And the result is quite impressive! Seven master students developed a Windows 8 based tablet app for the strategic intelligence software SOLYP3 which displays strategic core data with a maximum of functionality and user-friendliness. Further development of the app is aspired so that SOLYP3 customers will be able to benefit from this innovation!

In 2013, SOLYP Informatik GmbH, expert in software solutions for corporate strategic planning, has expanded SOLYP3 into a comprehensive business process platform. SOLYP3 users can now systematize and standardize their business processes associated with strategic planning, such as strategic opportunities and risk management, strategic controlling, investment planning, strategic brand management, R&D controlling, or trend analysis.