Bianka Palsbröker

Marketing & Public Relations

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Bianka Palsbröker is in charge for the areas of marketing and public relations: She manages the company website, the corporate strategy blog as well as the social media channels. Moreover, e-mail marketing and setting up events are among her responsibilities.

“I think it’s exciting to design corporate communications actively – I’m always looking for interesting stories around the brand EVOLUTIONIZER Solyp and the topics strategy, planning and digitization.” Bianka Palsbröker majored in media science, and after completing her studies, she worked for five years in a content marketing agency. She was passionate about this field of activities from day one. “Now, I can make use of this know-how in my work at EVOLUTIONIZER Solyp, and I’m looking forward to new tasks every day.”

In her spare time, Bianka Palsbröker, who was born in Brandenburg, likes to go swimming or cycling and spending time with outdoor activities and her six guinea pigs. Apart from this, she also runs her own food blog, on which she presents fancy cakes and pastries.