Christian Schmidtner

Senior Developer

The Senior Customizing Developer was part of SOLYP from 1998 to 2005 and has designed the predecessor product of SOLYP3 in these years. "During this time I was able to try out a lot of new things and contribute my knowledge to the development. That was very enriching."

Christian Schmidtner then went to various companies to work as an IT consultant for process automation and data warehousing in the financial sector and online trade. As a project manager, he worked for a government agency for some time.

Back to the roots in 2017: Christian Schmidtner is back at SOLYP and we are very happy about that. "I wanted to go back to SOLYP because here – like nowhere else – we competently search for the best solution with specialist knowledge and technology." His current task at SOLYP: Optimizing and further developing data collection and reporting.