Frank Rösel

Senior Developer

The certified computer scientist went to high school with Martin Rügamer, one of our managing partners, and started the same study program later with him. So it happened that Frank Rösel became a part of EVOLUTIONIZER Solyp towards the end of his studies. “The first tasks consisted in programs for Windows written in the programming language C++. Since then, Java has become more and more accepted. I’m curious what programming language EVOLUTIONIZER Solyp will use in the future.”

At the moment, Frank Rösel, who is originally from Nuremberg, dedicates his work to the input application of SOLYP3. “I find it very valuable still to be able to overview all the software components thanks to the company’s size. This overall view often helps me to make decisions in development.”

Frank Rösel compensates for his digital working environment by frequently going for a ride on his bike — even long distances through the Franconian landscapes or alongside rivers. What also enthuses him: Movies beyond the mainstream and brainteasing computer games.