Jan Borchers

Managing Partner


As one of the founders of EVOLUTIONIZER Solyp, Jan Borchers has been with the company since its inception, developing solutions and new features for our customers that meet their needs. "I like the fact that together with our customers, we are always discovering new areas of application for our products and can constantly develop them further with new technologies. "

Born in Goslar in the Harz mountains, the lower saxony is, as he himself says, "an incorrigible optimist" – a characteristic that greatly enriches the cooperation with him. It seems that he effortlessly finds tailor-made solutions for the challenges of the customers and advances EVOLUTIONIZER Solyp with his ideas and the view for the future.

Jan Borchers prefers to spend his spare time with his daughter. He also loves cooking and photography. One of his special hobbies: He makes various furniture for his own home.