Kürsat Gökce

Managing Partner


Kürsat Gökce joined SOLYP in 2001 as a software developer. Shortly thereafter he started with the market launch and the continuous development of the SOLYP strategy platform as well as a constantly growing strategy network. Since then he has played a decisive role in the development of SOLYP and has very successfully inspired many well-known companies and partners for digitization in the STRATEGY & LEADERSHIP sector. He has been a Partner since 2008, a Managing Partner since 2017 and was responsible for the sale to and merger with EVOLUTIONIZER AG.

His most important core competencies include the market introduction of strategy tools and the establishment of strategic partnerships in the STRATEGY & LEADERSHIP area.
Kürsat Gökce is co-author of the book "Practical Business Planning with Hard and Soft Data – The Strategic Management System".

In his spare time he likes being active in sports: “Time permitting, I would like to take part in the ‘Challenge Roth’ triathlon again in the next years!”