Academic Advisors

EVOLUTIONIZER Academic Advisors are personalities of leading institutions and widely respected as academic or thought leaders in their respective areas. The exchange with them ensures the integration of the latest scientific findings and the methodical superiority of our solutions.

Prof. Dr. Roman Stöger

Academic Senior Advisor for Content, Leadership and Strategy

Professor for Strategic Management at the University of Applied Science Kufstein, Austria, Prof. Dr. Roman Stöger is a member of supervisory boards for large international corporations. He has 18 years at Malik Management Zentrum, St.Gallen, Switzerland, as Associate Partner and Head of Expert Group Strategy.
He has served as lecturer in 200 education programs for European, American and Asian corporations, as well as for management and master’s programs. He has served as external lecturer at St. Gallen University, Switzerland, on strategy, organization, process and project management.

Prof. Dr. Thorn Kring

Academic Senior Advisor for Human Capital, Development and Corporate Learning

Prof. Dr. Thorn Kring is head of the Steinbeis Transfer Institute for Ethics, Leadership and Human Resources Management as well as academic leader for the Business School of Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin. The institute’s key focus areas include ethics in business and leadership, employee management and human resources management.