Notes on Cookies and Opting Out

Here, you’ll learn which tools we use on our website (web tracking, advertisement, cookies, plug-ins, beacons, pixels, tags and scripts etc.), how they work and how you can dissent to the processing of your personal information in detail rsp. how you can have your personal information collected through this erased. For further information please see our Privacy Policy as well as our Data Protection Notice.

General Information about Cookies
A cookie is a small file stored in the browser of your terminal device when you go to the website. With the help of cookies, individual terminal devices can be identified, so our website is displayed fully and correctly. Cookies also enable us to distribute services embedded in our website, to personalize content as well as individualize and analyze ads. 

Which Cookies are there?
Depending on how they work and their purpose, cookies can be grouped into five categories: Necessarily required cookies (essential cookies), performance cookies, functional cookies, analysis cookies and cookies for marketing purposes. Please kindly note that not all of the cookies mentioned here might be deployed when you go to our website with your mobile device.

Necessarily Required Cookies (Essential Cookies): These are cookies needed for enabling you to navigate on our web pages and to use basic features of the website.

Performance Cookies: Performance Cookies are used to enhance the usability of a website and therefore the user experience. Performance Cookies collect information about how other websites are used, e. g., what kind of internet browsers and operating system are used, the domain name of the website you came from, the number of visits, the average dwelling time and the pages visited.

Functional Cookies: Functional Cookies enable a website to store information already given (e. g. user name, login, language selection or the location you are at) so it can offer better, more personalized features to the user.

Analysis Cookies: With those cookies, we can find out how our website is used and visited on the basis of preferences and search key words.

Cookies for Marketing Purposes: Marketing cookies are used to offer relevant content in accordance with the user’s fields of interest. They are also used to measure and control how effective ad campaignes are. They register if you visited a website or not, and thus, what content was used. This information may be shared with third parties such as advertisers. These cookies are frequently linked to page features of third parties.

Erasing Cookies and Do-Not-Track-Feature  
In your browser’s settings, you can erase single cookies or all the cookies you have stored. In addition, the following links provide you with information and instructions – according to which browser you use – how to delete cookies or how to block storing them in the first place: 

Mozilla Firefox:
Google Chrome:

You can also manage cookies from many companies and functions used for ad purposes separately. Please use the according user tools you can find on oder

Most Browsers are also equipped with a so-called “do not track”-feature. There, you can indicate that you don’t wish to be “tracked” by websites. When this function is activated, the browser informs advertising networks, websites and applications that you don’t want to be tracked in connection with behavior-related advertising and the like. The following links provide you with information and instructions how to enable these features – according to which browser you use: 

Mozilla Firefox:
Internet Explorer:
Google Chrome:

In addition, you can also disable loading scripts. NoScript restricts the execution of JavaScript, Java and other plug-ins to trustworthy domains of your choice. The issuer of the browser you use provides you with information and instructions how to edit these settings (e. g. for Mozilla Firefox, please see:

Information about Cookies We Use
When you visit our website, the following cookies will be stored in the temporary storage of your browser:







Website: session info




Website: language settings

12 Months

Newsletter2Go   Newsletter sign-in 1 Month

Live-Chat: visitor preferences

6 Months


Live-Chat: visitor connection



Live-Chat: visitor tracking

6 Months

Notes and Options to Object (Opt-Out): Tracking Tools
In our Privacy Policy we provide you with information on which tracking technologies we use for web analytics purposes. There, you’ll also learn how you can prevent those tools being used and thus, how you can dissent to data processing. 

Name and Contact Details of the Person in Charge
EVOLUTIONIZER Solyp GmbH, Fuerther Strasse 212 A1, 90429 Nuremberg, represented by the CEOs Jan Borchers, Kürsat Gökce and Martin Rügamer, Telephone +49 911 990062-0, Fax +49 911 990062-88, E-Mail

Name and Contact Details of the Data Security Official(s)
Mr Marcel Erntges,

Your Rights 
You have the right to ask us to reveal if we process personal information and the right to receive information about those personal data. Besides, you have the right to rectification, extinction (Art. 17 GDPRS, § 35 FDPA) and restriction to data processing as well as the right to dissent to the processing of personal information rsp. to withdraw your consent to processing information or transferring data anytime. Moreover, you have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority in case of data breach.