Crisis strategy: Respond quickly and effectively.

In any crisis, you have to act quickly and limit losses. But how do you quickly obtain an up-to-date overview of the situation in a complex organization? How do you make informed decisions? How do you coordinate time-critical counter-measures? Solyp for crisis strategy helps you with this.

Use Crowd Intelligence

Collect structured information with little effort from those who know the situation best: the employees on site.

Making Informed Decisions

With a clear picture of the challenges and options at the current point in time, you will make the best possible decision.

Steering Time-critical Measures

Transform the most urgent countermeasures into objectives, results and concrete actions that can be easily reported on.

Solyp for Crisis Strategy Features


Fast, Evaluable Input From the Organization

A web form accessible via direct link allows you to request and evaluate current assessments of challenges, risks, opportunities and ideas in a structured manner.


Making Informed Decisions

By setting the identified challenges versus ideas, you avoid blind spots. Quantified risks show you the overall need for action.


Focus on Strategic Priorities

Transform strategic priorities into objectives that are distributed throughout the organization. Create clarity and focus for what is most important now.


Managing Measures Transparently

Create clarity in the organization about the most important measures. Keep tight feedback loops on the implementation status and adjust plans as necessary.

Solyp 4.0 solutions for Strategy Development

Solyp for Crisis Strategy helps you to handle the crisis immediately and without complications.

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