Strategy Development

Do the right things.

In today's complex and dynamic environment, all companies must choose the right initiatives and investments for long-term success. Solyp 4.0 gives you the support and methodology to develop your strategy and the platform to manage your initiative portfolio, ensuring that you stay on track and can adapt as needed.

Ensure strategic alignment across the organization

Aligning your organization's individual initiatives with your strategic goals increases achievement and prevents the waste of time and resources.

Maximize results

Consistent monitoring and prioritization allows you to better optimize program effects and manage risks for added value.

Make better-informed decisions

An automated collection process that standardizes and improves the quality of your data enables efficient and informed decision-making.

Solyp 4.0 features for Strategy Professionals


Align with your strategy

Develop an action plan that ties your initiatives and projects to the overall corporate strategy.


Tracking the financial impact

Track the financial returns of your program. Integrate strategic data with operational finances for a transparent view of expected impacts.


Clear methodology and proven best-practices

Facilitate collaboration in a variety of project methods, from Kanban Boards to Stage Gates. Provide best-practice templates with complete work breakdown structures.

Feedback & Reporting

Continuous reporting

Obtain regular and timely implementation feedback from the responsible parties and create customized program reports at the push of a button.

Solyp 4.0 solutions for Strategy Implementation

Solyp for Crisis Strategy helps you to handle the crisis immediately and without complications.

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