How SOLYP3 Works

SOLYP3 is a modularly structured strategy platform, which digitalizes strategic management planning processes. It bundles strategic know-how within an organization and provides a basis for profound strategic decisions – for maximum efficiency and planning quality in the entire strategic process.

At the SOLYP3 Landing Page you can find all core functions at a glace:

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No1 Data Input via Questionaires or direct Upload

Qualitative and quantitative strategic information can workflow-controlled either be entered into the system using questionnaires or you can just upload it. Thus, SOLYP3 accesses existing knowledge and closes the knowledge gaps relevant to strategy.

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  • The Feature:

    All strategical relevant data is collected systematicly using questionnaires. Contents are defined top-down and can be refined bottom-up. Data is collected through tables, scales, sliders, or free text fields, and includes all relevant parameters of the strategy process of your organization. Moreover, also soft data such as trend analyses, opinions, or assessments of market developments is collected and made available to strategic planning.The questionnaires are individually assembled and customized to fit your specific strategic planning process.

    If you did already collect strategy data in other systems, direct data upload is available, as well.

  • Your strategic advantage:

    SOLYP3’s structured approach to data collection not only conveys a sense of security to the user, but also ensures the quality and consistency of the collected data. Top-down requirements ensure that each strategic business unit delivers the same kind of data in the same way, allowing consistent data presentation. In addition, the top-down/bottom-up approach allows complementing central requirements by business-specific perspectives. This way, your strategy process gains comprehensiveness and acceptance among strategy managers. As a result of using soft data, your strategic planning gains reliability, robustness, and predictive power - a decisive competitive advantage in dynamic market environments. 

No2 Presenting Strategies at the Push of a Button

Within just a few seconds, SOLYP3 enables you to create presentations including relevant data on different levels (aggregated/consolidated) – matching your CI and in PowerPoint, PDF or Excel.

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  • The Feature:

    All data stored in SOLYP3 can be put out in standard presentation formats, such as PowerPoint or Excel. Furthermore, standardized reports can be generated, e.g., in HTML or XML.

  • Your strategic advantage:

    With SOLYP3, you create presentations, lists, and reports simply at the push of a button – in the corporate design of your organization. Central data collection prevents inadvertent errors due to media breaks as well as having different planning versions on different hard drives. The automated media output relieves those responsible for strategy from up to 60% of tiresome routine work.

No3 Well-structured Dashboards

Dashboards visualize strategic information directly on the screen – in addition to the standard types, also customized dashboards are possible.    
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  • The Feature:

    Dashboards summarize and visualize your hard and soft strategic core data stored in SOLYP3 at-a-glance! You can choose individually how to display your data (e.g., as a bar chart, bubble chart, or as traffic lights).

  • Your strategic advantage:

    Number jungles and unstructured data are a thing of the past: just create the data overviews you need with just a few clicks and, if necessary, export them to other file formats - such as PDF, for example.

No4 Ad-hoc-Analyses and Data Export

Ad-hoc analyses enable selecting and visualizing qualitative as well as quantitative strategic information directly and flexibly – in the browser or by exporting them to an Excel file.   
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  • The Feature:

    All data collected through the questionnaires is available for intelligent analysis, i.e. they are linked, correlated, and made comparable. Data can quickly and easily be retrieved using various filter options and either producing a raw data export or showing data directly in your browser. By setting filters, you can specify the levels of detail. You may also choose to output and compare data across several planning units. The integration of external data from other systems increases data quality even further as additional information can be analyzed.

  • Your strategic advantage:

    Always Keep track of your strategy data and increase data quality: Data can be timely and globally analyzed across all planning units as soon as a new strategic question arises. The quick access to all data analyses enables you to give individual answers to strategic questions increasing the flexibility and agility of your planning and creating the basis for creative management of strategic measures.

    You would like to find out more about SOLYP3? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are looking forward to providing you with further information and to getting in touch with you.