Balanced Scorecard Concept

Traditional strategic planning based on financial key figures doesn’t stand the test of time. A balanced scorecard (BSC) helps many strategists to orientate critical success factors on their business strategy and to keep an eye on all business units. SOLYP3 can support your full process of the balanced scorecard. Bundle controlling and tracking of all business units while you individually view and rate areas of performance relevant to you e.g. finance, customers, internal process or learning and development. Best of all – with SOLYP3 you receive your balanced scorecard with the push of a button in a PowerPoint generated format or view it on screen directly. Simplify your strategy process with our SOLYP3 strategic intelligence software!

Your benefits

  • Make communication and insight of business targets and strategies across all business units easier!
  • Keep an eye on strategic measures with SOLYP3 at all times to react to changes in the market in a timely manner.
  • Focus on what’s essential: reduce strategy data to the areas relevant to you.

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